Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 27 May means all rubbish and recycling collections will be one day later that week, including Friday collections taking place on Saturday 1 June.
Recycling and rubbish collection days are changing for some households in Mendip and South Somerset. Read about the changes and how they may affect you.


In Somerset the food waste is collected weekly on the same day as other recycling. It may be different for properties with communal waste collections

Did you know? Reducing your food waste and recycling what is left is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

In Somerset, recycled food waste is taken to an anaerobic digestor near Bridgwater and used to make green energy and soil improver for local farms.

Request new, extra or replacement food waste containers

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When are my collection days

You can check your collection days online with the My Collection Day search engine.

Missed collections

If your collection has been missed, you can report it online within three working days (not including the initial collection day itself)

Report a missed collection

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What we collect

All food waste, cooked or raw, including:

  • Meat and fish – including bones and carcasses if they can fit in your brown bin
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Bread, pasta and cereal
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds – including coffee filter paper
  • Cheese and eggs
  • Pet food
  • Paper kitchen towel and napkins

We are unable to collect

  • Plastic bags
  • Food packaging – such as aluminium foil, cardboard or plastic
  • Liquid food waste – including cooking oil
  • Garden waste
  • Cat litter, dog, cat or pet waste, dead animals

Food recycling containers

We provide a brown food caddy to use inside the home and a brown food bin usually for outside.

We suggest using the caddy to collect food in your kitchen, then transferring it to the brown bin for collection.

The brown bin has a lid that locks when the handle is pulled forward and can be opened by moving the handle backwards.

Please lock the lid when putting it outside for collection – as this deters pests and avoids spills.

Food waste guidance

Unless you have an assisted collection containers should be presented at the edge of your property by 7am on collection day and no earlier than the night before. Please take care not to obstruct pavements or roads, and take containers back in as soon as possible after collection.

Use newspaper to wrap food or line your caddy. Or buy special compostable liners. Only use liners that have the ‘looped seedling’ logo on them. Even those marked ‘biodegradable’ do not degrade fully or quickly enough.

Deterring pests

  • Lock the lid of your brown food waste bin whenever it is out for collection.
  • Leave it in the shade if possible to avoid flies, particularly in hot weather.
  • Keep your caddy clean by lining it with newspaper or compostable liners.
  • In hot weather, some residents put food waste in compostable liners into their freezers between collections. This prevents smells, pests and vermin.
  • Use washing up liquid to clean your caddy or bin. White wine vinegar is also effective and an environmentally-friendly disinfectant.

Where to buy compostable liners

You can buy these in most large grocery stores. Some retailers offer reusable compostable carrier bags that can be used instead of liners.

It is important to only buy those that have the ‘looped seedling’ logo (pictured below).

We do not endorse any particular brand or supplier, but you need to ensure you buy 100% compostable corn starch based liners.

Plastic bags or biodegradable/degradable bags are not accepted.

Below are some examples of online suppliers:

All Green
Caddy Liners Direct
Gardening Delights

Trade outlets for local retailers:

All Green – Schools
Caddy Liners Direct  Bulk Purchase

Please note – We do not endorse any particular brand or supplier, but you do need to ensure you buy 100% compostable corn starch based liners. Look out for the compostable liner logo. (Certification, EN13432). Plastic bags or biodegradable/degradable bags are not acceptable.

Compostable looped seedling logo

What happens to food waste?

Food that is collected via  kerbside brown food waste bins is sent to an anaerobic digestion facility near Bridgwater. Anaerobic digestion uses micro-organisms to break down food waste in the absence of oxygen, inside an enclosed system. The methane given off during this process is collected and converted to biogas and used to generate electricity, heat or transport fuels. It also creates nutrient-rich digestate used for fertiliser for agriculture. Anaerobic digestion is not the same process as commercial composting, which is why compostable packaging is not accepted in your food waste collection.

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