We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and managing energy costs through utilising effective energy procurement, conservation and efficiency.

Our long and medium term corporate goals are

  • Manage energy costs and consumption
  • invest in energy efficiency (spend to save)
  • consider life-cycle costs for all new projects, good and services
  • minimise environmental impact
  • where financially beneficial utilise energy from sustainable sources

Our short term objectives are to:

  • Ensure the Energy Policy is being delivered
  • Provide management reports on cost and consumption
  • Set and publish energy and CO2 performance targets
  • Report performance changes and improvements annually
  • Ensure compliance with legislation
  • Commission a regular programme of energy audits and ensure all relevant Council buildings have a Display Energy Certificate and Advisory Report
  • Manage energy and water costs within buildings
  • Increase staff awareness
  • Secure competitive unit costs for gas and electricity supplies
  • Monitor and target energy usage
  • Take account of the opportunities for energy savings that arise out of the rationalisation of the estate and individual buildings
  • Specify energy efficient design of new or refurbished buildings, and procure energy efficient plant and equipment