Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 27 May means all rubbish and recycling collections will be one day later that week, including Friday collections taking place on Saturday 1 June.
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Somerset’s Climate Emergency Strategy was developed jointly by the five former Somerset local authorities, sector experts and external partners following a public consultation that took place in January 2020. It was formally adopted by all five Councils in November 2020.

The aim of our strategy is to reduce carbon emissions in the county and make Somerset a county resilient to the inevitable effects of climate change.

Our strategy provides details explaining what climate change is and what causes it, where carbon emissions arise from globally, nationally and locally and what the impacts will be here in Somerset. Our strategy sets ambitious goals to become a carbon-neutral county by 2030. It also outlines what the previous five councils and now Somerset Council intend to do to address the most important issues around the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy

This EV Strategy describes how the use of conventionally fuelled petrol and diesel vehicles must transition to ‘Zero Emission’ Electric vehicles, in line with national policy. It also sets out the opportunities and the challenges that this will bring as we look to decarbonise transport across Somerset to help tackle the Climate Emergency.

We are now working together to deliver on the numerous recommendations, including cutting our own fleet emissions and delivering EV charging infrastructure across the county.

Document preview
Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy

PDF, 7.64MB

Somerset Tree Strategy

A wide range of stakeholders have come together to develop the Somerset Tree Strategy 2023 to 2033.


The strategy focuses around five key themes:

  1. Creating a woodland culture
  2. Making our treescapes more resilient and adaptable to climate change
  3. Expanding tree coverage across Somerset
  4. Focusing on the services and products around trees
  5. Creating a sustainable and flexible governance structure

We have split the strategy into three separate documents.

  • The strategy itself which focuses on these five core themes
  • The objectives and Actions document which breaks these down into deliverable actions
  • The Evidence document which contains further detail and information on the strategy
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Somerset Tree Strategy 2023 to 2033

PDF, 2.88 MB
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Somerset Tree Strategy 2023 to 2033 – Objectives and Actions

PDF, 1.44 MB
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Somerset Tree Strategy – Evidence Document

PDF, 13.3 MB

Sustainable Events Guidance

For guidance and information on how to make your event more sustainable check out our guidance:

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Event Sustainability

Guidance notes

PDF, 277KB

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