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The Council monitors activity relating to the project in a number of ways to ensure compliance with the obligations set out in the Section 106 Agreements and the details of the Development Consent Order.

Local Planning Authorities, such as Somerset Council, are responsible for discharging the requirements contained within the Development Consent Order and carry out a monitoring and compliance role with regard to provisions set out in the Order.

The requirements discharged by Somerset Council to date can be viewed on Planning Online.

The Section 106 Agreements contain obligations for monitoring and decision-making groups to meet on a regular basis. These groups include:

The Transport Review Group

This group reviews the Hinkley Point C Travel Plan and Hinkley Point C Traffic Management reports produced by EDF Energy and any other relevant information. The Group can make recommendations to improve the implementation of the Hinkley Point C Construction Workforce Travel Plan and the Hinkley Point C Construction Traffic Management Plan, where appropriate.

Somerset Council, Highways England and EDF Energy are represented at the meetings, which are held quarterly. The papers from previous meetings can be found at our Transport Review Group page.

The Socio-Economic Advisory Group

This group monitors a set of core indicators (relating to accommodation, tourism, the supply chain, health and community safety) which are reported to government, stakeholders and investors. The Group meets quarterly and is attended by representatives from:

  • Somerset Council
  • North Somerset Council
  • Avon and Somerset Constabulary
  • Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue
  • The Primary Care Trust
  • EDF Energy

Papers from previous meetings can be found on our Socio-Economic Advisory Group page.

The Council has a statutory duty to monitor air quality within the district to ensure that it does not exceed standards set by the Government. In addition, EDF Energy were required to submit a noise and vibration monitoring strategy to Somerset Council for their approval.

Ecological mitigation and monitoring plans have been submitted by EDF and approved by the Councils with regard to specific associated development sites. More information on environmental monitoring can be found on our Environmental Monitoring page.

External Monitoring: Oxford Brookes University has been appointed by the New Nuclear Local Authorities Group to conduct a longitudinal study of the socio-economic effects of Hinkley Point C.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Council produces an Annual Monitoring Report which provides an overall review of activity associated with the Hinkley Point C development, over which the Council has involvement or influence. The Report for 2018/19 can be viewed here:

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