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This Code of Practice outlines the protocols expected while filming in Somerset



This Code of Practice is a voluntary agreement and is designed to work alongside the filming guidelines. Its aim is to outline the general requirements and the protocols expected to ensure that standards and consideration by all parties, to all affected, is a priority.

Somerset Council welcome film makers to Somerset and regard the county as film friendly. Somerset Council is happy to answer enquiries about filming in the county and assist with all reasonable requests associated with filming in Somerset. Somerset has many beautiful and unique locations from rural areas such as Exmoor National Park, The Quantocks, Blackdown Hills, Polden Hills and Mendip Hills to seaside locations. We also have a vast range of beautiful historic buildings, cottages and villages. We will be happy to accommodate your needs where possible and we will always try and help with your filming requirements.

Although we recognise that most production companies act in a professional and responsible manner. We do ask that all film makers take their surroundings into consideration. Productions must be sympathetic to the environment that is to be used.

Somerset Council has a duty of care towards residents and businesses and will exercise control if a production is causing an unreasonable nuisance or noise. Safety of the public is paramount at all times and every precaution must be taken to ensure their safety. A contact number for the production must be made available to the council and the police.

Somerset Council will seek clear guidelines of what the script or scene involves and appropriate caution must be taken for filming in sensitive areas or at unsocial times. Areas that require any sort of set building, dressing, disguising or are subject to any sort of special effects, will require a guarantee to be completed and returned to a required standard.

Last reviewed: December 1, 2023 by James

Next review due: June 1, 2024

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