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Yeovil town centre is set to receive highly anticipated transformational refresh changes to the public realm.

HendfordSouth Western Terrace, Middle Street and Central RoadPen Mill station linkSouth Street and Stars Lane


The Hendford route will link to the existing cycling and walking infrastructure extending into the core town centre. A shared walking and cycling route will be introduced along Hendford. At its southern end this links to the existing network in Brunswick Street.  The route then travels north to the junction with West Hendford and South Street. 

The initial Hendford route design can be found in Small Improvement Schemes.

A statutory consultation on this route was carried out in early 2022 with those directly affected along the route. Comments and feedback returned at that time were used to inform the final design. View the current design at Hendford Final Design.

South Western Terrace, Middle Street and Central Road

This scheme will update and upgrade the routes in this area.  There are two key elements which tackle sub-standard signals and improve links through crossings.

The junction of South Western Terrace, Middle Street and Central Road will be updated to ensure it is compliant with current standards.  This scheme will link to public realm works in Middle Street and the Wyndham Street Area.

The cycle path and footway will be updated along South Western Terrace, linking to the existing crossing which provides access to Yeo Leisure Park.

The existing crossing will be improved to provide a parallel tiger crossing.  The pavements and road surfaces in South Western Terrace will be updated.

The initial scheme design can be found in the Small Improvements Scheme page under ‘Yeovil Refresh Cycling and Walking Scheme’.

South Street and Stars Lane

This proposal, if implemented, would see the reversal of traffic flows in this area. We would aim to create a route which links west to east through these streets linking to the existing network in the South Eastern part of the town centre.

This section would also extend the public realm works out from the Triangle in both streets providing improved footways to support access to the area. This would require changes to the junction of South Street and Bond Street which require further design work.

In Stars Lane we would link to the cycling network already extended through the signals recovery programme. The changes to traffic flow are also intended to ensure drivers can access car parks in South Street and Stars Lane.    

For more information, you can view plans on the Small Improvement Schemes page.

Last reviewed: October 11, 2023 by Sophie

Next review due: April 11, 2024

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