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‘Family time’ is the term used for organised time between the child and their birth parents.

Special Guardians have the authority to make decisions about family time in the child’s best interest, unless the court has made specific arrangements.

Why family time matters

Family time is there to create positive experiences for children, nurturing their connection with their birth parents. It’s essential for their sense of identity and belonging. Ideally, family time should take place in a neutral setting, away from the family home.

Addressing concerns

Recognising that family time can be emotionally challenging, Special Guardians can address concerns about parental supervision. They can choose to oversee it themselves or involve a trusted adult who the child knows.

The Kinship team can help by referring Special Guardians to a Family Group Conference, which identifies members of their family and friend network who can help.



Guidance and Support

The Kinship team is available to provide guidance and support in negotiating family time agreements with parents. They can also mediate discussions with parents if needed, making sure that family time is always positive and of benefit to the child.

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