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Special Guardians can receive financial assistance to cover everyday childcare expenses, as well as funding for approved therapeutic interventions and treatments.

Financial support for Special Guardians typically comes in the form of an allowance provided by the Council. This allowance is regular payments aimed at meeting the child’s needs. It is important to note that Special Guardianship allowances are not automatically granted but depend on an assessment of needs and the applicant’s financial circumstances as evaluated by the Council.

These allowances are reviewed each year, and recipients are required to complete annual review forms to confirm that the child is still in their care. It is essential to tell the Council promptly if there are any changes in circumstances, as any overpayments will have to be reimbursed.

Even if Special Guardians are not eligible for a regular allowance, they may have the option to approach the Council for financial support to cover specific, necessary childcare expenses and payments. Decisions about such funding requests are made based on the amount required, the guardian’s needs, and their financial situation.

Government funding and support

As well as Council support, all Special Guardians can apply for general government benefits, including:

Child Benefit: How it works

Universal Credit: What Universal Credit is

Pension Credit: Overview

And, the child under the care of a Special Guardian may be eligible for funding to access therapeutic support through the Adoption Support Fund, which also extends its provisions to children under a Special Guardianship Order who were previously looked after children.

If a support plan or an assessment of need identifies the necessity for additional treatment or support, the support team can apply for funding through the Adoption Support Fund.


In the context of applying for Council housing, the authorities take into account the needs of both Special Guardians and the children in their care.

However, we have to make it clear that Special Guardians do not receive preferential treatment when it comes to securing Council housing. The housing authorities can provide a support letter to explain the specific housing needs, but they don’t have direct control over housing applications.

Additional support and home modifications

In certain situations, Special Guardians may need additional support or modifications to privately owned or rented properties to better accommodate the demands of guardianship. These adjustments are intended to align with the needs of Special Guardians and are a vital part of the assessment process.

Financial help for these modifications varies, based on individual circumstances.

Responding to significant life changes

If there are significant changes in income, housing, health, or relationships, it is advisable for Special Guardians to reach out to the housing team. The team is available to provide practical advice and emotional support to help individuals get through these transitions effectively.

Maintaining a flexible support plan

Special Guardians are encouraged to keep their support plan flexible and adaptable to changing needs and circumstances.

If there is a belief that both the Special Guardian and the child in their care would benefit from extra funding or treatment, they can request a reassessment of their needs. This assessment may make them eligible for funding and support that was not available to them before.

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