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Our Graduated Response

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool (SGRT) and Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool Early Years version now replace the Somerset Core Standards. This has been co-produced with stakeholders from education, health, social care, parent carers and support service teams.

SGRT sets out the barriers to learning that children and young people may have and the strategies and provisions that could be in place to support them.

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool has been created to support all users to understand the Graduated Response to Special Educational Needs in the context of current legislation. The document makes it clear ‘what to expect’ in terms of what is provided and is written for parent carers, children and young people, school staff and those who provide services to families.

The tool sets out the provision that is ordinarily available in Somerset schools at both the Universal and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support levels. We plan to have a recorded webinar video to explain the updates available on this page very soon.

Document preview

The tool sets out the provision that is ordinarily available in Somerset schools at both the Universal and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support levels.

PDF, 2.2MB
Document preview

The tool sets out the provision that is ordinarily available in Somerset early years settings at both Universal and SEN Support Levels

PDF, 30.1MB

Supporting documents

You can find documents to support your use of the tool below. The templates are available in a version that can be edited and most templates have a read-only PDF version.


If you are going to use the versions that can be edited you will need to download them so that you can open, view and edit them effectively. You will need to do this for all of the documents apart from the main tool and the Service Offer pyramid.

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool PowerPoint

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool’ Launch Webinar PowerPoint March 2022

Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool Launch Webinar – YouTube

Graduated Response Flowchart

An example of what a Graduated Response might look like

This flowchart is intended as guidance for schools, parent carers and children and young people. It shows an example of what a Graduated Response might look like when working collaboratively to meet a child or young person’s Special Educational Needs. It signposts to useful documents and templates that could be used to support the implementation and recording of the Graduated Response. Hyperlinks to key documents are indicated through underlined text.

Quick Checker

Supports identification and conversations at the initial concern

An extract from ‘Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool’ to support the initial identification of barriers under the four broad areas of SEN.

The Quick Checker can be used to support conversations between class teachers and parent carers at the initial concern or Universal stage of the Graduated Response.

Pupil Passport Template

Record interest, strengths, barriers and suggested support strategies

A child-centred template for recording interests, strengths, barriers and suggested support strategies. This could be introduced at the Universal level of the Graduated Response and remain in place at SEN Support alongside the Assess, Plan, Do, Review record.

Whole school and individual pupil funding templates

Templates to support calculating whole school SEN funding, whole school provision costs and individual pupil provision costs.

This table is designed to be completed by the school leadership team. It details SEN income and expenditure for the whole school and not at a individual pupil level.

Document preview

A table to support the identification and recording of Social Emotional Mental Health Needs

DOC, 69.5KB

What we are working on

We are also working on the following areas and will add them to the Local Offer as soon as they are ready:

Information videos

We asked children and young people ‘If I need help with my learning, what can I expect?’ This animation features all of the fantastic ideas and opinions that children and young people suggested. This animation was created with a huge amount of help from our Young People’s Champion Nicole.

Kennedy introduces parent carers to the new co-produced Somerset Graduated Response Tool during October 2022 Local Offer Live sessions.

Other Local Authority Graduated Response or Approach

Education settings in Somerset are expected to follow Somerset’s Graduated Response.

For children and young people with SEND living in Somerset but attending school or education settings over the border, you can find the approach those schools will be following in North Somerset’s Graduated Response, (go to the Graduated Response and Top up funding downloads), Bath and North East Somerset’s Graduated Approach, Wiltshire’s ordinarily available provision, Dorset’s Graduated Approach and Devon’s graduated response.

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