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Co-production is a solution-focused way of working to find the best possible outcomes and solutions for local families, with the resources that are available. It is when people come together to shape services, starting with a blank sheet of paper – it’s a coming together of ideas.

Co-production includes people who commission the service, service providers, and people who use the service.

Co-production is an equal and reciprocal relationship where everyone’s knowledge and skills are used to create better outcomes.

Good quality co-production and participation are required by the Children and Families Act 2014 and subsequent SEND legislation. It is based on the principles of Inclusion, a universal human right that embraces all people, irrespective of race, gender, disability or other attributes which can be perceived as different.

Resources to support co-production

Somerset’s Participation Network has developed a toolkit to support participation and co-production and you can find more information and opportunities to get involved or support young people to get involved at Somerset Young People’s Voice.

EducationNASEN have good resources about how to do co-production in schools, which can be adapted and used. Find out more on SEND Gateway

HealthUCL have provided useful resources for health practitioners. Coalition for collaborative care

Social careSocial Care institute of Excellence has provided a range of useful information. Community Care

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