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The Council subsidises some bus services in Somerset. For information about services and timetables, phone Traveline on 0871 200 2233. Visit the Council’s Public transport information to find out more.

There are also Community Transport services in Somerset that provide transport for community groups and people whose needs are not easily met by normal public transport.

Depending on where you live, there are various schemes which offer a mixed fleet of vehicles, some with disabled access.

Rail travel

The Disabled Person’s Railcard gives some reduction on the cost of fares for people who are registered as Deaf with Somerset Council. You can get an information leaflet giving more details about the railcard from your local railway station or from National Rail direct.

Disabled Person’s Railcard Office
PO Box 6613
DD11 9AN

Phone: 0345 605 0525
Textphone: 0345 601 0132

You can download an application form from You can ask for assistance when you are travelling by train. Each train company makes its own arrangements, but you must book this at least 24 hours in advice.

Information about how to contact the train companies is available from your local station, or from:

National Rail
Phone: 08457 4849504
Textphone: 0845 6050600

Bus travel

The Somerset Travelpass allows free travel on all local buses and some express services in Somerset. You are eligible for a Somerset travel pass if:

  • You are a Somerset resident and are of pensionable age
  • You are under 60 and are profoundly or severely Deaf
  • You are unable to drive on medical grounds

If you are only able to use public transport with the help of a carer, you may be eligible for a Companion Travelpass. This would entitle your companion to free travel. The pass is valid between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays, all day at weekends and on public holidays. Download a Somerset Travelpass leaflet and application form

You can then book a journey by contacting your booking office at least 24 hours before you want to travel. Trips can be booked up to two weeks in advance.


Slinky is an accessible bus service for people who can’t use conventional transport.

The service is for things like getting to local health appointments, visiting friends and relatives, going shopping and as a link to other public transport.

You can use the Slinky bus if you:

  • Do not have your own transport
  • Do not have access to a public bus service
  • Have a disability which means you cannot use public transport

Parents with young children, teenagers, students, the elderly, retired people and people with disabilities could all be eligible to use the Slinky service.

If you are eligible you will first need to register as a member of the scheme. You must fill in a registration form and return it to the booking office before you use the service for

Community Transport

Community Transport Schemes can offer individual transport and group hire. Some also offer door-to-door services. Community Transport is provided by a number of independent charitable, non-profit-making groups, companies and organisations.

Anyone who doesn’t have access to public transport and is without access to suitable alternative transport can use community transport.

These services can be used for a variety of reasons, including health appointments, shopping, commuting to and from work, social events, evening classes and making links with other public transport. Each service operates differently and, covers different areas, so please check when making your booking.

You need to register by phoning the number of the service you wish to use. Once it is established that you are eligible, you can make your booking. Journeys are usually booked with at least 24 hours’ notice, and you agree to your pick-up and drop-off points and times. Regular bookings can also be made with some providers.

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