Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 27 May means all rubbish and recycling collections will be one day later that week, including Friday collections taking place on Saturday 1 June.
Recycling and rubbish collection days are changing for some households in Mendip and South Somerset. Read about the changes and how they may affect you.

Medical drugs

Medical drugs are there to help you when you are feeling unwell. Most medical drugs are prescribed by your doctor, and you get them from the pharmacist (also known as chemist) who will tell you when to take them. Some medical drugs you can buy without a doctor’s prescription, such as: painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol, and you choose when to take them.

Taking too much of some medical drugs can lead to dangerous consequences. This is called an overdose. The risk depends on the type of drug, how much is taken and whether it is mixed with other drugs. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned you may have taken too much.  If you feel unwell go to Accident and Emergency.

Some prescription drugs can cause you to feel sleepy or more alert.  They should only be used for the reason your doctor prescribed, not for any other reasons.  Some people may use these drugs for longer than they should and want to stop which is called ‘dependent’.

Recreational drugs

There are also recreational drugs that can be even more dangerous. Some people take recreational drugs because it makes them less inhibited – but this can have negative effects too. They might do things they would not normally do that they later regret, like having unprotected sex.

Talk to FRANK is a website where you can find out about what the dangerous drugs are, about how long the drug last in your body, how long it takes to work, and the symptoms of taking that drug. And where to go for help.

Tell your mates what you are taking so they can inform paramedics if something goes wrong. If your mate looks like their having a rough time, take them somewhere calm and quiet if possible. If they are falling unconscious, are having a seizure or cannot be cooled down, ring 999. You won’t get in trouble for doing this.

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