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Medication is something you take to help make you feel better when you are unwell or in pain. You may also take medication if you have a long-term illness or disability.  To start with your parent carers or someone in school will help check you are taking your medicine at the right time and dose.  As you get older you may start to take control of it.  Medicines for Children have videos to show how to take different types of medicines.

From the age of 16 you can use GP online services.  You can use a tablet or phone to check what medicines you are taking or have taken in the past.  Check for allergies you might have that may affect your medication.  And to request repeat prescriptions. These are medicines your doctor has agreed with you to take regularly.

Some people may need to carry around their medication. This may be because you take it frequently (for example at each meal).  Or it may be because you need it in an emergency (for example an EpiPen for anaphylaxis shock).  You will need to keep this somewhere you won’t loose it.  Some people use a special bag or pouch just for their medication.  You will need to check if your medication can be stored out of the fridge, and avoid keeping in hot places like a car boot during the summer.

In an emergency you may be unable to tell people enough about your condition or medications.  But it is important for people to know so they can help you.  Paramedics are trained to check your body for medical information, usually wrists and necks for medical alert jewellery.  But they also check the fridge and front door (if the emergency happened at home), your wallet or purse.  It helps to keep a list of all your prescribed medications.  Lions Message in a Bottle is a good form to record all the information you should share.

Medical alert jewellery is something that people with severe medical conditions or allergies wear. It tells people what condition you have, and sometimes what medication you are on, who to contact in an emergency and if people can do CPR on you.  There are many difference choices, some companies hold more detailed information on file and charge an annual fee for this.

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