Household waste collections and recycling are the responsibility of Somerset Waste.

To see how Somerset is performing against our recycling targets have a look at the Recycling tracker report

If you’re looking for information on fly-tipping head over to our how to fight fly tipping section.

Waste hierarchy & the circular economy

Waste is not something to just throw away; it is a valuable resource that can be reused or recycled. The best approach to handling waste is to consider the waste hierarchy set out below. The cost of each option increases as you move down the hierarchy and therefore greater emphasis should be placed on those at the top.

The practice of reusing and recycling also links to the circular economy. A circular economy is where the lifecycle of resources is maintained as long as possible by following the waste hierarchy. The longer we can use something the less waste produced and resources, all of which are great for the environment.

There are several initiatives that are taking place in Somerset to support a circular economy.

Fixy van. To support the networks of repair cafes across Somerset we have a repair fan that travels all around the county.

Reuse and pass it on. Somerset Waste have loads of useful tips and resources to reuse across Somerset.

If you’re looking at reducing waste or making your event or festival more sustainable, check out our guidance along with a guide to introducing reusable cup schemes.

Single use plastics

Did you know you can now recycle soft plastics at several supermarkets, check below to see if there is a collection point in your area

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