The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 places responsibilities on employers, employees, and the self-employed to have regard for their own health and safety and that of others working for them, and for people visiting their premises. Enforcement of the law is shared between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Somerset Council.

Health and Safety legislation applies to all businesses, however small, to the self-employed and also to employees. If you are a small or medium sized business needing advice on health and safety in the workplace, visit the ABC Guide to Health and Safety for tools and guidance to help you understand what you need to do whilst avoiding unnecessary paperwork and effort.

Helping Great Britain work well

Great Britain’s health and safety record is the envy of much of the world. Central to this is protecting people by managing risk in a proportionate and effective way, supporting innovation and increasing productivity.

The challenge is to improve even further on this impressive record. More information on Managing risks and risk assessment at work.

What do I need to do to comply with the law?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have produced guidance for employers on their website on things you need to do.

Do I need to report an accident?

Certain types of incident including accidents must be reported. Report an incident and find out more information about the reporting legislation known as RIDDOR via the RIDDOR website

Where can I get advice on specific issues in the workplace?

You can find specific help on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website

Reporting a Health and Safety issue

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforces the legislation in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, health and education. If you have a concern regarding any of these sectors please contact the Health and Safety Executive.

Somerset Council is the enforcing authority in:

  • offices (except government offices)
  • shops
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • leisure premises
  • nurseries and playgroups
  • pubs and clubs
  • museums (privately owned)
  • places of worship
  • Hairdressers and beauty therapists
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes
  • some premises where animals are cared for

Report an issue to Somerset Council

Please contact us if you want to report an issue:

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