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The Performing Arts Library offers resources for music and drama study, recreation, and performance. You can find it on the second floor of Yeovil Library.

The library provides a music and drama service, which includes loan copies of music scores, sets of performance material, play sets, single copies and books, as well as an advice and reference service.

Any Somerset Libraries member can borrow single-copy printed music or drama scripts from the Performing Arts Library service. Sets can be borrowed through a paid group subscription.

Performing Arts Library Opening hours and contact information

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Performing Arts Library, King George Street, Yeovil, BA20 1PY
Phone 01935 472020

Using The Performing Arts Library

Specialist staff are normally available to help you during normal the Performing Arts Library opening hours.

When specialist staff are not available, the Performing Arts Library will remain open with the same opening hours as Yeovil Library. Customers will be able to browse the open shelves, and borrow books and single copies of music scores. These must be issued by staff on one of the ground floor enquiry points.

Please contact the Performing Arts Library in advance to borrow a single copy of a play during unstaffed hours. A copy will be put aside for you to collect.

When the Performing Arts Library is not staffed, you can leave messages with staff on the ground floor or first floor enquiry desks. Requested music sets or play sets can be collected from the Performing Arts Library during its opening hours. Sets may also be collected in normal opening hours from any Somerset Library. Just tell the Performing Arts Library staff which library you would like to collect them from when you place your order. We will notify you when they are ready for collection.

Group subscriptions

The Performing Arts Library operates a subscription service for the provision of sets of choral music, orchestral scores and drama play sets. Subscription rates depend on the size of the group, and whether the group is in Somerset.

The standard loan period for music and drama sets is 5 months. Shorter or longer periods can be agreed when you request – up to a maximum of 9 months.

See our Library fees and charges page for more details of our request, overdue and replacement charges.

Performing Arts Library stock

The Performing Arts Library has many years of experience in supplying sets of music for the needs of Somerset groups and those in neighbouring counties. It holds considerable stock of its own, including:

  • 2,198 drama sets
  • 40,968 single drama scripts
  • 4,594 music sets
  • 40,333 music scores

We can also access stock from other specialist libraries. Speak to staff if you would like to borrow music that is not in our current collection.

All our stock is catalogued on the LibrariesWest website. Browse by author, composer or type in keywords to refine your search.

Requests and renewals

Individual items may be requested and renewed online on the LibrariesWest website.

Music and drama sets must be requested and renewed directly with the Performing Arts Library.

Requests and renewals may be made by email or post direct to the Performing Arts Library or in person and by phone during library opening hours.

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