Local businesses can now take advantage of some of the busiest spots on Somerset’s road network to advertise socially responsible goods and services.

Somerset Council is one of the first local authorities in the UK to develop an ethical advertising policy in line with the county’s climate emergency strategy and public health concerns.

The space is available for advertising a wide range of goods and services which do not need to be specifically promoting sustainability or wellbeing, but the ethical advertising policy means that the Council will not sanction certain adverts such as those promoting junk food, fossil fuels, gambling or consumption of alcoholic drinks.

A full list of the criteria is available on Advertising on roundabouts (somerset.gov.uk) page.

The money generated by the initiative will go back into the Council’s highways maintenance budget.

Signage and positioning on the roundabouts is subject to a strict safety audit and will at the same time help to prevent unofficial ‘fly notices’ which are put up without permission.

The plan has the potential to reach thousands of people every day, and businesses can visit the link above to book or find out more.

Somerset Council’s Lead Member for Transport and Digital, Councillor Mike Rigby, said:

This is an excellent opportunity for socially responsible local businesses and services to utilise some prime advertising space and it could be really helpful for us in terms of generating extra income to maintain our roads, cycleways and paths.

However, we have to be very strict about the criteria, the emphasis is very much about creating opportunities for sustainable, responsible local businesses and services, and we’re very keen to hear from those who might be interested.

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August 18, 2023

Andrew Doyle

Climate Emergency

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