Somerset Council has been recognised as a leader in its work to respond to the climate emergency.

The authority achieved a score of A- (“Leadership”) from CDP for its performance in 2023. This rating compares to a regional average of B and a Global average of C.

CDP is seen as the ‘gold standard of environmental’ reporting and this is the first time the new Somerset Council has been scored by the not-for-profit charity.

CDP runs the environmental disclosure system and helps organisations make their environmental impact transparent, reduce their impact and act as environmental leaders.

The score is based on the Council’s climate-related projects, strategies and activities. These include its plans for expanding the county’s electric vehicle charging network, its Tree Strategy and work to encourage the uptake of ‘retrofit’ home heat efficiency.

The A- score demonstrates that through these documents and climate activities, Somerset Council has demonstrated best practice standards across adaptation and mitigation, set ambitious goals and made progress towards achieving those goals.

Ahead of, and post vesting day of the new unitary authority on 1 April 2023, officers across Somerset Council have been working collaboratively on climate related activities.

Dixie Darch, Somerset Council’s Executive Lead Member for Environment and Climate Change, said:

A greener and more sustainable county is one of the new Council’s priorities and we are delighted that this well-recognised benchmark for good practice has given our work such a seal of approval.

You can read the CDS scoring report for Somerset Council at 2023_Cities_Somerset_Council

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December 21, 2023

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