We continually work to update our Local Offer based on your feedback and views. We have recently made some changes to our Leisure pages, where you can find ideas about things to do for you and your family – just in time for the summer holidays! From discounts, libraries, and childcare to accessible activities and places to go, we are working hard to keep it up to date and to make it the go-to hub for things going on in Somerset.

You can find the pages at Leisure (somerset.gov.uk). We have added new pages on Inclusive Youth groups and Clubs, Accessible Sports, SEND Sessions and Getting Out and About, amongst others. Many of our other pages have also been updated. Below are our new pages – take a look:

SEND Sessions (somerset.gov.uk)

Theatres (somerset.gov.uk)

Exploring the arts (somerset.gov.uk)

Getting out and about (somerset.gov.uk)

Swimming pools (somerset.gov.uk)

Inclusive youth groups and clubs (somerset.gov.uk)

As we are continuing to update these pages, some parts may not yet be perfect. We welcome your feedback, so why not have a browse and test them out? You can use the Feedback form at Tell us about your experience – Somerset Council. This is also linked at the bottom of all our online pages and is reviewed by us regularly to make improvements.

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July 20, 2023

Molly Venn