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Getting out and about always takes a bit more planning for families with additional needs. It can be important to know how you will get somewhere and what facilities will be available. We have included information about travel in Somerset, but also travel outside of Somerset if you venture further.

Travelling on public transport can be a worrying time, but there are some ways to make your journey more accessible.

Planning your route

  • ThinkTravel is a journey planner for travelling in Somerset, that lets you to search for accessible options such as step free access.
  • Slinky bus is an accessible bus that is provided by Somerset Council for people who cannot use regular public transport. So, they can still get around.
  • Use Google Street View to see where you are going and check for step free access etc. It can help to know landmarks or noticeable features to look out for before you arrive.

Checking facilities available

You can find information about the accessible facilities at train stations or on the bus by looking at each companies accessibility guide – you will find all the ones in Somerset in the links to the left.

Accessing support on route

  • Better Journey Cards can help you tell the bus driver that you have a disability and what support you may need.
  • Passenger Assist is available when travelling by train which can include a helping hand to navigate the station, support when boarding the train, meeting you from your train and taking you to your next train or the exit and other support for impairments. You can also request this support using a smartphone app. You can find out more information about the accessibility of each station at Network Rail.
  • Hidden Disabilities Sunflower helps you to voluntarily share that you have a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent – and that you may need a helping hand, understanding, or more time. This is recognised all around the world.

Help with costs

You can get support with the cost of travelling through different schemes, such as the Disabled Persons Railcard, or Motability or Concessionary Bus Pass.

The Blue Badge Scheme allows people with severe mobility problems or hidden disabilities such as autism and mental health conditions to park close to their destination. Often this parking is free.

Checking accessibility of venues before you arrive

To find out other information about personal travel or changing areas see accessible toilets and changing places. This has information about what changing areas you can look out for and where they are in Somerset.

Specialist wheelchairs and all terrain mobility scooters can help you get around. Accessible Countryside for Everyone (ACE) lists manufacturers of these chairs.  You can also find out where tramper off-road mobility hire schemes are available on Countryside Mobility.  The tramper is for use by anyone who struggles with walking distances or up hills, or who has limited mobility of any kind. You do not have to be registered disabled or have a Blue Badge to use it.

There are other ways to check how accessible a venue is, for example in our find SEND services directory, you can filter the services by wheelchair accessibility.  Euans Guide gives disabled access information about venues by disabled people for disabled people.  As well as AccessAble and Rough Guide to Accessible Britain.

Some venues in Somerset have signed up to Ollie the Flamingo.  They have been provided with information on autism.  They have agreed to make adjustments to enable the whole family to have a more relaxed experience.

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