Local Plan Part 2 Sites and Policies

Local Plan Part 2 (Sites and Policies) allocates additional sites for housing and employment to 2029.

The Plan was adopted on 20 December 2021. This page has links to the examination, previous consultation stages and representations.

Details of the 2023 Site Allocations Review can be found on the Adopted Local Plans page.

Adoption Documents


Local Plan Part 2 was submitted for examination on 23 January 2019.

For more information view the Examination and Submission Documents.

Details of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Sustainability Appraisal (SA) undertaken for the Plan can be found in the sustainability appraisal adoption statement.

Earlier stages to Submission
An Issues and Options consultation was held between September and December 2015 – see Issues and Options page.

A pre-submission plan was published in January 2018 – see Settlement Issues and Responses.

Local Plan Part 2 was adopted on 20 December 2021.

Inspectors Report September 2021
The Council received the Inspectors Report into the examination. The Inspector has confirmed that the Plan can be considered sound subject to Main Modifications.

Inspectors Report into examination of Mendip Local Plan Part 2 – 1 Sept 2021.  The role of the Inspector and Programme officer has now been completed.

Additional Main Modifications February 2021
The Council consulted on Additional Main Modifications from 9 February to 22 March 2021 – Additional Main Modifications consultation page.

Additional Hearings November 2020
Details of participants and the order of speakers: Mendip Hearing Participants and Order of Events 2020

Examination Documents
For more information, you can view the Examination documents and statements.

Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications

Details of the Consultation
The Council is inviting responses to the Proposed Main Modifications (MM) to Local Plan Part 2.  The Main Modifications form part of the examination process of Local Plan Part 2 ahead of the Inspector producing his final report.  The schedule sets out additional policies, revisions to existing policies and new development sites raised during the Examination process. This consultation only relates to the Main Modifications, and relevant supporting documents and policy map changes.

The Proposed Main Modifications have been produced in response to changes identified by the independent Local Plan Inspector.

These are set out in his post-hearing Interim Note – ED20 Inspector’s Interim Note – Post Hearing Advice 27 Jan 2020

The consultation ran for six weeks from Tuesday 21 January 2020 to 5pm Monday 2 March 2020.

View the Consultation documents and response forms.

Additional Main Modifications

Details of the Consultation – Consultation now closed.
The Council is inviting responses to Additional Main Modifications (AMM) to Local Plan Part 2.
These form part of the examination process of Local Plan Part 2 ahead of the Inspector producing his final report. See consultation notice AMM Notice

The Additional Main Modifications have been produced in response to the Inspector’s Progress Note ED48   ED48 – Mendip District Local Plan Inspector’s Progress Note 1 Feb 2021

The consultation will run for six weeks from Tuesday 9 February to Monday 22 March 2021.

View the Addition Main Modifications documents.

Submission Documents

Local Plan Part 2 was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 23 January 2019.

View the Submission documents.

The submission notice provides details of where printed copies of the Plan can be inspected.

Settlement Issues and Responses

These schedules set out detailed matters raised in representations to the Plan and to the towns and villages.

The Council have reviewed all representations and provided a response. The schedules indicate whether objections or suggested modifications have resulted in Proposed Changes. You can view a revised set of maps for towns and villages to assist the examination in Settlement Issues and Responses. These show the results of sites in the Pre-submission Plan and Proposed Changes.

Proposed Changes Representations

You can view copies of all representations made to the focused consultation on proposed changes here: Proposed Changes Representations

Pre-Submission Representations

You can view all copies of all representations made to the Pre-submission Plan published for consultation from 4 January to 12 February 2018 in Pre-Submission Representations.

Representations include responses from landowners of Local Green Spaces who were notified separately.

Responses relating to the Proposed Changes, which are not formal representations, can be found here. These have been submitted separately to inform the Local Plan examination.

You can find an analysis of matters raised and the Council’s response on the Settlement Issues and Responses page.

Representations can be inspected on request at the Council offices.

View the Register of Representations by Settlement. Here you can also view details of an objection site proposal for development in South West Frome.

Pre-Submission Consultation

Consultation on the Local Plan pre-submission draft took place in January and February 2018.

Local Plan Part 2: Pre-Submission Draft
Consultation on the Local Plan pre-submission draft took place in January and February 2018.  Over 700 individuals and organisations responded. You can view Responses to the Consultation here. Following assessment of the responses, the Council have agreed Proposed Changes to the Plan to be submitted alongside this document.

Issues and Options

The Issues and Options consultation has now closed.

This page is retained as part of the background evidence to the Pre-submission Local Plan 2.

You can view a summary of responses to Issues and Options forms part of the submission documents in Issues and Options Stage Summary of Responses

The ‘Mendip’ section – presents issues and options relating to the district as a whole including the context, overall development requirements and key policies to be addressed. The ‘Town and Village’ Section – This contains chapters for each town and certain named villages. These set out questions on the local planning issues and give background information on potential development land options, physical constraints such as flood plains and local environmental designations. You can view the Issues and Options documents here.

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