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Find out more about the different types of planning applications and the fees required

Planning application fees and chargesOther fees and chargesHow to pay

Planning application fees and charges

For further information on the fees required, please see the Planning Portal – How much does an application cost?

Other fees and charges

Details of other fees and charges related to the planning service at Somerset Council can be found in our fees and charges document here:

Document preview
Somerset Council Planning Fees and Charges

Planning Fees and Charges 1 May 2024 to 31 March 2025

PDF, 299KB

How to pay

This will vary by area:

North Planning Team Payment Information

A planning application reference is required before a payment can be taken (this is applicable to planning applications, pre-app advice, planning research and discharge of conditions).

  • Debit/Credit Card – please phone 0300 123 2224
  • Cheque – made payable to Somerset Council

South Planning Team Payment Information

This form can be used to pay for planning related fees such as planning applications, pre-applications, applications for discharge of conditions, microfiche copies and so on.

This form cannot be used if you are submitting your application on the Planning Portal, payment should be made via the Planning Portal website in order for the application to be released to us.

East Planning Team Payment Information

Pay using our online form. Please note this form cannot be used to pay for pre-applications.  

For pre-applications, we will contact you for arrangements for payment once your application has been assigned a reference number.

West Planning Team Payment Information

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