Corporate Property - Asset Management Plan

Asset Management is the process which ensures that optimal use of land, property and non-property assets is achieved in accordance with the drive for efficiency, Annual Plan priorities and best practice. The Somerset Council Asset Management Plan details our strategy for, and management of the Council’s assets. It sets out the Somerset background, organisational arrangements and links to:

  • Corporate and service management, planning, goals and objectives
  • Asset policy management and planning
  • Asset management
  • Performance and monitoring
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Corporate Property Asset Management Strategy

This Asset Management Strategy and Plan has been created as part of the Local Government Reorganisation (LGR) programme in Somerset.

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Policy for the Disposal of Assets

This policy establishes the basis upon which the Council disposes of its property assets. For this policy, disposal of land means any freehold disposal, by sale or exchange or the grant of an option, of Council-owned land or buildings.

This policy does not cover:

  • Commercial Investment Properties
  • Housing Revenue Account Assets
  • Academy Conversions (leases to Academy Trusts and statutory transfers)
  • Wayleaves, easements, licences and the release of covenants
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Policy for the Disposal of Assets 2023

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Appendix A – Disposal of Assets Process Map

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Appendix B – Disposal of Assets Process Map – Small Sites

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Land and Buildings Assets reports

The Land and Building Assets report provides information about the Council’s assets in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

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Land and Building Assets – 1 April 2024

XLS version

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Land and Building Assets 1 April 2024

CSV version

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