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Gathering evidence and factual information to help identify the area's issues and needs is an important aspect of the process of planning.



An important part of the plan-making process is gathering evidence and factual information to help identify the issues and needs of the area.

Evidence can come from reports, strategies, specific pieces of research, and from a wide range of sources including organisations that operate at a local level or organisations that operate on a wider level but have specialist knowledge or expertise.

Most pieces of evidence relate to smaller geographical areas within Somerset as they were produced separately to support the reviews of the adopted former district Local Plans, but together these cover the Somerset Council area as a whole.

As we progress with the production of the Somerset Local Plan, and review the Minerals and Waste Plans, we will update this evidence base where necessary and look to produce an evidence base that covers the whole of Somerset.

Last reviewed: May 30, 2023 by Mark

Next review due: November 30, 2023

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