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Listed Buildings

A listed building is a building included on the ‘List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest’ created by Historic England.

The protection covers the interior and exterior of the property. Any object or structure fixed to the building and any object or structure within the curtilage (land) of the building which, although not fixed to the building, forms part of the land and has done so since before 1 July 1948, are also treated as part of the listed building.

There are three categories of listed buildings:

  • Grade I – buildings are of exceptional interest (less than 2.5% of the national total)
  • Grade II* – particularly important buildings (less than 5.5% of the national total)
  • Grade II – buildings are of special importance (over 92% of the national total)

For further information see A Guide for Owners of Listed Buildings on the Historic England website.

Listed building consent is required for altering or extending the building in any way that affects its character or for demolishing any part of it. In practice most works to the exterior or interior of listed buildings will require consent.

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