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Local Heritage List

The Local Heritage List (LHL) is a register of buildings, structures, features, or places that make a special contribution to the character of Somerset through their locally significant historic, architectural, archaeological, or artistic interest.

By identifying what is special about particular heritage assets, we can better protect and manage them through planning policies and planning decisions.

The Local Heritage List for Somerset and Exmoor National Park is managed by Historic Environment Services at the South West Heritage Trust.

Local Heritage List for Somerset and Exmoor 

Relationship to the National Heritage List

The National Heritage List, administered by Historic England (formerly English Heritage) lists those buildings, structures and monuments of clearly national significance (such as, listed buildings, scheduled monuments, and registered parks and gardens). The Somerset and Exmoor Local Heritage List provides the opportunity to identify those elements of Somerset’s historic environment particularly valued by local communities.

What inclusion on the Local Heritage List means

Inclusion of a building or place on the Local Heritage List places no additional legal requirements or responsibilities on property owners over and above those already required for planning permission or building regulation approval.

It can, however, help to influence planning decisions in a way that conserves and enhances local character. Under the National Planning Policy Framework, the conservation and contribution of locally listed heritage assets will be a material consideration in planning decisions that directly affect them or their setting.

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