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We were aware of some problems with V2 of the Calculator upon it’s initial publication in February 2024. These issues are now resolved.

The latest phosphate calculator is available below:

Somerset Phosphate Budget Calculator (March 2024)

The step-by-step guide video on how to use the calculator is available here:

Natural England have confirmed they support the use of our phosphate calculator. Their letter of support is available here:

Document preview
Natural England endorsement of updated Somerset Phosphorus Calculator

23 October 2023


A document which summarises the key differences between the previous version and the updated calculator is available here:

Document preview
Somerset Phosphate budget Calculator Version 2 Summary

March 2024

PDF, 132KB

For reference, ‘V1’ refers to the March 2021 version of the Phosphate Budget Calculator,  and V2 is referring to the February 2024 version of the Calculator.

Phosphorus sensitive catchment area

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has designated that Somerset Levels and Moors Ramsar Site as a ‘Phosphorus sensitive catchment area’. More information on this can be found here:  Notice of designation of sensitive catchment areas 2024 – GOV.UK

The effect of this notice is that within these areas, water companies must guarantee that wastewater treatment works serving a population equivalent to more than 2,000 meet specified nutrient removal standards by 1 April 2030. As a decision making tool for the Local Planning Authority and developers, the February 2024 phosphate calculator allows you to calculate mitigation post 2030. In addition, as within the previous version of the calculator, the February 2024 phosphate calculator allows users to calculate ‘Post 2025’ improvements which will be put in place under Wessex Water’s AMP7.

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