South Somerset Local Plan 2040 Review 

South Somerset District Council had made progress on their Local Plan 2020-40 review before the announcement that the councils within Somerset would become a unitary authority. 

Whilst a plan for South Somerset District Council will now not progress, the earlier work is still relevant to the forthcoming Somerset Local Plan. Links to the work that South Somerset District Council had already undertaken on the Local Plan Review can be found below along with supporting evidence for plan-making. New evidence will be published as it becomes available. 

The current Local Plan documents for South Somerset District Council can be found on the adopted local plans page and will remain part of the Development Plan until they are replaced either wholly or in part by the Somerset Local Plan.  

Preferred Options Consultation 28 June 2019 – 18 September 2019 

The Council prepared the following Preferred Options PDF document Local Planning Review – Preferred Options – June 2019. Hard copies of the document were made available during normal office hours in the District Council offices in Yeovil or libraries across the district. 

The document set out for consultation the Council’s proposed strategy for delivering new homes and employment over the period 2016 to 2036, including site allocations and policies against which planning applications will be assessed. 

The document reflects the latest Government Guidance in the updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the evidence base produced to support the Plan process. The Local Plan Review will provide us with a refreshed policy framework that will guide and shape development in the District up to 2036. 

The consultation was designed to involve as many individuals and businesses of South Somerset as possible so that views could be collected and taken into account to help shape and evolve the next stage of the Local Plan.  

The consultation period was held from28 June 2019 to 18 September 2019. 

After the consultation the relevant and main issues raised will be extracted and collated to be presented to committee when we are ready to progress to the next stage of the plan process. Further consultation is expected to take place in 2020/21. 

More information on the Local Plan Review and the Preferred Options phase can be found  here,  questions and answers can be found here,  

Evidence Documents: 

The HRA Report  

The Interim SA Report 

The Interim SA Report NTS   

Main points arising from the Preferred Options consultation held between 28 June 2019 and 18 September 2019

Issues and Options Public Consultation 2017

The Issues and Options document sets out the issues identified by the Council evidence base below and makes suggestions to address them. Please note Issues and Errata (corrections) 

A consultation took place between October 2017 and January 2018. View a summary of the main points. 

Sustainability Appraisal Interim Report (October 2017) 

Scoping Report (May 2017) 

Duty to Cooperate 

A Duty to Cooperate Statement has been prepared to support the Local Plan Review process, following consultation with Duty to Cooperate partners during June/July 2020. 

This is a live document and will be updated as necessary as the Local Plan Review is progressed, and Statements of Common Ground are prepared with partners. 

Duty to Cooperate Statement 

Evidence Base 

Evidence base was produced to inform the production of the Local Plan 2020-40 Review.  

Housing, economic, landscape, heritage, tree canopy, infrastructure, strategic flood risk and settlement evidence base is available within the evidence base section. 

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Next review due: October 26, 2023

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