We are responsible for speed limits on all public roads in Somerset, except the M5 and trunk roads (A36 and A303). The reason for providing speed limits is to improve safety for all road users.

We set local speed limits where drivers should adopt a speed which is different from the national speed limit because of local needs and considerations. Local speed limits can be reduced or increased, depending on the conditions and evidence.

The Department for Transport has issued guidance to be used for setting all local speed limits on single and dual carriageway roads in urban and rural areas.

Our criteria for setting the right limit for any road takes into account existing traffic speed, accident history, the amount of traffic, frequency of junctions, and building development and amenities. Unrealistic speed limits are frequently abused and can prove very expensive and difficult for the police to enforce.

Any changes to, or the implementation of, speed limits should be in accordance with the latest Department for Transport guidance.