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Permits for scaffold on the highway are only issued to accredited contractors

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The application for a scaffolding permit must only be completed by the appointed contractor.

All applicants must complete the ‘Declaration’ section of the form before submitting an application. 

We issue licences for scaffold on the highway to accredited contractors. We also control the erection, dismantling and securing of hoardings on or over a highway.

Please note there is a fee of £90 for each 28-day period to cover administration and site inspection costs. This fee is non-refundable.

Please read the specific Schedule of Conditions (PDF 96.9KB) before completing the form.

Please provide the following information clearly allowing at least 10 working days before you wish to erect the scaffolding. Only emergency applications will be processed with less than 10 working days’ notice.

You can apply online using the buttons below.

Apply for a scaffolding licence

This form has 9 pages and will take approximately 7 minutes to complete.

If the scaffolding is still on site after the dates specified in the original permit application, you must apply and pay for a permit extension.

Apply for a scaffolding extension

This form has 4 pages and will take approximately 4 minutes to complete.


Contractors can also apply to the local area highways office for an application form giving us 10 days’ notice, by either:

  • downloading a copy of the Scaffold Permit Application Form and sending or taking the completed form to the local area highways office
  • contacting us by telephone or
  • by visiting the local area highways office and completing the form there.

A scaffold licence costs £90 per 28-day period.

For contractors – there is a fee of £28 for any additional site visits required to inspect a scaffold that does not comply with the conditions of the licence.

Please note that for us to comply with new legislation introduced in Traffic Management Act 2004, the notice period for applications has been extended to 10 working days. Please always contact us if you have an emergency application where you are unable to give the full notice, as these will always be considered.

Application to erect a hoarding

Applications to erect a hoarding around a building site adjacent the highway are included within the Scaffolding Application form.

Advertising hoardings are not the responsibility of the Highways department. Large advertising hoardings do need planning permission which would be issued by planning, who may have details of ownership. The owner is usually the advertiser. If a damaged hoarding is causing an obstruction on the highway the relevant area highways office should be notified to arrange an inspection.

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