The Safeguarding, Care and Quality Assurance team consists of Independent Reviewing Officers for Children Looked After, Child Protection Chairs (CP chairs) and Children’s Advocacy service.

In Somerset, Independent Reviewing Officers and Child Protection chairs are referred to as ISROs (Independent Safeguarding Reviewing Officers). ISROs and advocates are committed to achieving the best outcomes for all children and young people in Somerset. They do this through participation, support, review and challenge.

Our service covers

  • Chairing of Children’s Child Protection Conferences and Independent review of Child Protection planning for children
  • Chairing review meetings and independent review of planning for Children Looked After
  • Advocating for children’s rights
  • Independent advocates for children
  • Independent Visitors for Children Looked After
  • Attendance at relevant meetings to support good planning for children
  • Advice and guidance to children, parents, carers and professionals
  • Facilitating multi-agency child protection safeguarding training
  • Facilitating advocacy training to children’s advocates and Independent Visitors