This page has been archived but remains available for review. The Somerset Minerals Plan (adopted 2015) is available for download.

Minerals Planning Policy is outlined through a range of documents. The main document is the Minerals Local Plan for Somerset, which was adopted in April 2004.

It is part of the development framework for Somerset, along with a range of other documents such as the Waste Local Plan, and district and borough local plans.

The Minerals Local Plan sets out the broad land use framework for future mineral development in Somerset.

It sets out the detailed environmental and other criteria against which we judge all applications for mineral extraction or quarrying.

You can download the Minerals Local Plan from this website or contact us for a paper copy. The current Minerals Local Plan is valid until 2011 when it will be replaced with the Minerals and Waste Development Framework.

We cover Minerals Planning for all of Somerset, excluding Exmoor National Park, who have their own minerals planning team.