The National Planning Policy Framework requires Minerals Planning Authorities to plan for a steady and adequate supply of aggregates. This is achieved by operating an Aggregate Working Party (AWP) which provides input to each Mineral Planning Authority’s Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA).

The Aggregate Working Party works on a regional basis, and membership is made up of a variety of authorities, government bodies, organisations such as the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs), Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Mineral Products Association, and British Aggregates Association, as well as other relevant representatives as required.

Somerset County Council is the MPA for Somerset (excluding Exmoor National Park) and is a member of the South West Aggregates Working Party (SW AWP). The SW AWP meets at least annually to discuss the sales, reserves, supply and demand, and uses of aggregates across the South West. The SW AWP also advises on each MPA’s LAA.

All of the latest information and resources for the SW AWP are held on Cornwall Council’s website, including:

  • SW AWP Terms of Reference
  • Contact details of the Secretariat
  • SW AWP Minutes
  • SW AWP Annual Reports
  • Protocol for the consideration of Local Aggregate Assessments