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Content audit

Information pages on the Local Offer website are audited yearly by the Somerset Parent Carer Forum to check required information is available and the content quality is good enough, and what is needed to make improvements. The Local Offer Steering Group reviews the content audits and escalates to SEND Partnership Board as necessary.

Pages are categorised as:

  • Quality approved: information meets statutory requirements and is written in a way parents find helpful
  • Exception requested: broken weblinks or out of date contact details or publications need updating
  • Operational change requested: the writing style needs improving, particular documents or signposting are missing, pages need merging or separating
  • Strategic change requested: substantial changes to the page are required including new versions of policy or strategy, new information needed, or a complete restructure of content required to improve understandability.

In May 2021, the page quality approved had risen 21% since the last audit in October 2020. The pages requiring an exception request had reduced 4%, pages requiring operational changes had reduced 11%, and pages requiring strategic changes had reduced 6%.

Content Audit Result Graph

A particular focus for improving page content going forwards will be:

  • Education Health and Care Assessments and Plans – we are rewriting this section ready for the new school year
  • Written statement of action progress – updating this regularly
  • Feedback loop – making sure you know what had been done as a result of what you told us
  • Complaints and disagreements pages – we know it’s not very clear about who you speak to when you have problems

We have also been doing User Research which tells us we need to improve ways to help parent carers find what is relevant information easier. So over the next year, we will be focussing on improving the search and filtering function, developing visuals and pathways, and improving signposting and presentation of reliable sources.

In the meantime, please continue to help us improve the content. You will find a link at the bottom of each page ‘Feedback – was this information helpful?’ where you can tell us if there is a problem with the information or if something isn’t working properly. Information provided is anonymous. Is it not clear, not up to date or correct, or not working? How can we make it better?

Last reviewed: December 15, 2023 by Gemma

Next review due: June 15, 2024

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