We want our Local Offer to give clear, comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date information about the available provision and how to access it. The process for refreshing, uploading and removing content on the Somerset Local Offer website is explained in detail in the SEND Local Offer Editorial Policy and Process. This has been co-produced with the Somerset Parent Carer Forum and SEND Participation and Engagement Team to make sure it reflects and embeds the needs of service users.

Updating Pages – a quick reference guide that describes the information professionals need to give to update an information page, and how this will be checked before uploading.

Who is involved?

  • The Weekly Local Offer Update Group reviews and actions simple or operational updates. It involves a Somerset Parent Carer Forum (SPCF) representative.
  • The Local Offer Steering Group quality assures and co-produces the Local Offer, reflecting views of its users and promoting shared ownership. It reviews content audits, identifies gaps and requests new content – overseeing substantial strategic changes. It reports to the SEND Improvement Board and involves a parent carer representative and Young Person’s Champion.
  • The SEND Improvement Board meets monthly to direct and hold to account the workstreams which are needed to deliver the Joint Written Statement of Action (WSOA), which resulted from the local area inspection in March 2020. The Local Offer, its role is to challenge service areas and actively promote the Local Offer.

What is reviewed?

To make sure consistent quality across the website, audits take place:

  • Contentan audit of website content quality is completed twice yearly by SPCF and the editorial process is followed to make the needed improvements.
  • Schools an audit of the school’s websites is completed twice yearly by the SPCF with an Action Plan established to address audit findings.
  • Usability – an audit of website usability is undertaken (using a regional template) twice yearly by SPCF. As part of the content audit, the page reading age is also checked to make sure there is the ease of access.

How can I include my feedback?

Is this page useful? link at the bottom of every page lets anyone tell us anonymously about problems with information on a page or a problem with the website. Have you found anything that is not clear, not up to date or correct, or not working? Let us know how it could be improved.

You can see a summary of key messages and our actions from general website feedback on the Local Offer information page.

Our Local Offer Annual Report also summarises statistics on usage, key messages from feedback, and our actions and plans for the next year.

If your feedback is about how we could improve a service rather than a page, you can do so in many ways, read more on the Having your voice heard page.

How can I update my pages?

Updating SEND Provider Records

SEND providers wanting to add or update their provider records will need to complete a database update form. This form link can also be found at the bottom of your provider page where it says ‘Update Provider Information’.

Updating Event Pages

Partners and providers can add an event by using the ‘Add new event’ button to the left of the Events page or you can use this form

After you submit a form it will be checked by Digital Team to ensure people will have access to all the information they need before publishing. The event will automatically disappear from the list when it expires.

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