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Education, Health and Care plans

The process of support for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities

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Part of
Education, Health and Care plans

The process of support for children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities


According to the SEND Code of Practice, all local authorities must set up moderation groups to support transparency in decision-making. Transparency and equity are two values held in high regard by Somerset Council. A multi-agency panel meets to consider statutory decisions as part of the Education Health and Care needs assessment and Annual Review processes.

SEND Statutory Panel makes decisions about the Education Health and Care needs assessment process, particularly whether to agree to continue with a request for an EHC needs assessment and, if agreed, whether to issue a plan or not. The panel also considers a number of requests to amend EHC plans following an annual review meeting.

The placement and Travel Panel makes decisions on placement allocations, travel expenses and any additional resources identified as part of the assessment process or subsequent annual review recommendations. When deciding on a particular educational setting to allocate to a child or young person, the panel must comply with parental preference unless:

  • it would be unsuitable for the age, ability, aptitude or SEN of the child or young person, or the attendance of the child or young person in the setting would be incompatible with the efficient education of others, or the efficient use of resources. This applies both in the EHC plan process and for change of placement requests occurring post-annual review.

Who is on the SEND Statutory Panel

The SEND Statutory Panel is made up of multi-agency professionals and is always chaired by a local authority senior manager. The panel must have a minimum number of members to meet and make decisions, and all decisions made are recorded and signed off by the chair of the panel.

Panel members may include:

See the SEND statutory panel table at full width
SEND TeamEducation RepresentativesHealth RepresentativesSocial Care RepresentativesOther
SEND TeamStrategic ManagersEducation RepresentativesSenior Educational PsychologistHealth RepresentativesDesignated Medical OfficersSocial Care RepresentativesEarly Help Assessment OfficersOtherLocal authority finance officer
SEND TeamOperational ManagersEducation RepresentativesHead of the Virtual SchoolHealth RepresentativesDesignated Clinical OfficersSocial Care RepresentativesTeam ManagerOtherLocal authority panel administrator
SEND TeamSenior Assessment and Reviewing OfficersEducation RepresentativesArea SENCOsHealth RepresentativesSocial Care RepresentativesOtherSpecialist Commissioning Officer for transport
SEND TeamAssessment and Reviewing OfficersEducation RepresentativesHead Teachers (mainstream and specialist settings)Health RepresentativesSocial Care RepresentativesOther
SEND TeamEducation RepresentativesAdditional Learning Needs Strategic ManagersHealth RepresentativesSocial Care RepresentativesOther

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