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If your child’s Paediatrician or other specialist consultant feels your child is too unwell to attend school and the school are unable to provide suitable education, you can ask your child’s school to make a referral for temporary ‘medical tuition’.

Your consultant will also need to complete a medical evidence form which clearly states how much education can be provided without causing a negative impact on your child’s medical condition.

Education is provided by a local Pupil Referral Unit dependent on the advice provided by the consultant. Half-termly reviews with updated advice from a medical practitioner are required with the aim of returning your child to school as swiftly as possible. It is expected that special schools will make appropriate provisions for children on their roll who are unable to attend school because of their health needs.

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This policy sets out the Somerset Local Authority standards for the education of children and young people who are unable to attend school because of health needs.

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Last reviewed: August 25, 2023 by William

Next review due: February 25, 2024

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