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Some children can become anxious about going to school, their school work, friendships or bullying. This is often when they’re changing to a new school or moving up a level.

They do not always talk to their parents about their anxiety, and instead complain of stomach aches or feeling sick. One sign is crying or seeming overly tired.

Find out more about anxiety disorders in children and where to go for help on the NHS Choices website.

Some of the signs to look out for in your child are

  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • not sleeping, or waking in the night with bad dreams
  • not eating properly
  • quickly getting angry or irritable
  • constantly worrying or having negative thoughts
  • feeling tense and fidgety, or using the toilet often
  • always crying
  • being clingy all the time
  • complaining of stomach aches and feeling unwell.

Find out more about the services schools can access to support the differing and individual needs of children.

There are also tips for parent carers and schools on supporting children and young people. The booklet includes checklists to support parents and carers and schools.


You can find websites that you may find useful on our bullying and harassment page.

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