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Following feedback from families, we have created a series of pages which we hope will help understand who does what.

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You told us

People told us it is hard to understand who does what within SEND.  It can be a complex world to navigate with different people being responsible for different things.  Parent carers are often unsure who to approach for what.

The problem

Material on the Local Offer was limited.  Different areas used different formats and styles, some more in depth than others.  Material found through word of mouth was variable and often out of date or inaccurate.

We listened

We created a series of pages which we hope will help parent carers access information about what SEND professionals do. This includes an A to Z of roles, some with complex titles, but a clear explanation.  It also includes more detail about the key roles you are likely to come across within each area of Education, Health and Social Care, and what their statutory responsibilities are.  Roles often link to where you can find more information about accessing that service and what to expect.  Some of the multi-agency meetings that take place are explained to help you understand who joins together to make what decisions – when more than one professional opinion is needed.  We hope that the new pages will help families to navigate better the support they can access and who to talk to about what.

You can find more information on our What SEND professionals do pages.

What has the impact been

Pages were published in the Spring.  We will update this once people have had a chance to use them.

Last reviewed: August 31, 2023 by Gemma

Next review due: March 2, 2024

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