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What SEND professionals do

These are some of the people who may be working with you

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What SEND professionals do

These are some of the people who may be working with you


Key roles in SEND

An overview of key professionals supporting you

Education RolesHealth rolesSocial care roles

Other professionals

More people who may be involved

A to Z of people working within SEND

Professionals working together

Understanding the meetings that people who support you may attend

Multi-agency meetings


There are a lot of professionals and services when it comes to SEND, all with different names, roles and abbreviations. Many of which sound very similar!

We have put together information on professionals who are often involved with children and young people who have or are suspected to have SEND.

Some of the professionals you may see or hear about regularly in supporting SEND are described in Key roles in SEND. This includes for example health visitors, teachers and SENCOs, GPs and paediatricians, and social workers.

There are lots of people you may need to see occasionally who work or volunteer within a very specific part of SEND. If your teacher or GP says “I’ve spoken to the ……” then you can find out more about who they are and what they do. This includes for example from Advisory Teachers to Health Coaches and Ophthalmologists to the Virtual Head.

Multi-agency meetings are where some of these different professionals come together to look at how they might help your child. You can find out about some of the different meetings they may mention attending, or invite you to.

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