The County Council is required to publish a forward plan of key decisions to be taken by the Leader of the Council, Cabinet, individual Cabinet Members or officers. In addition to key decisions, the Cabinet Forward Plan lists all the business to be transacted by the Cabinet during the period of the Plan, which will also include reports for information. The Plan is published weekly and intends to provide at least 28 days notice of planned key decisions.

Where possible the County Council will attempt to keep to the dates shown in the Plan. It is quite likely, however, that some items will need to be rescheduled and new items added as new circumstances come to light. Please ensure therefore that you refer to the most up to date plan.

The County Council also publish the Somerset Waste Board’s Forward Plan weekly.

The latest Forward Plans can be viewed using the links on the right hand side of this page.

You can also view details of a proposed key decision to be taken within the next five working days using the following link:

Information about proposed Cabinet Member key or non-key decisions and Officer key decisions already taken under delegated powers