We are keen to explore opportunities to help communities become more empowered through community self-help, volunteering and local solutions.

We want people to have more influence, choice and control over the way local needs are met, to help communities develop and grow. If you, or the organisation you represent, have an idea or proposal that you would like to discuss, please email to register your interest – include your contact details with a brief description of your interest or proposal.

The Localism Act was introduced in November 2011. The aim of the act was to devolve more decision-making powers from central government back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils. There is more information in the Department for Communities plain English guide to the Localism Act.

Under the Sustainable Communities Act parish and town councils now have the power to send proposals to central government asking to remove legislative or other barriers that prevent them from improving the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their area.

More information about other national initiatives and how you can get involved in your Community

Just Act also provides information for anyone interested in setting up a community project.

To find out about events happening in your area visit Explore Somerset.