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Accessible sports

Options for inclusive or adapted sport in Somerset

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Accessible sports

Options for inclusive or adapted sport in Somerset



Sports for specific disabilities


Pan-disability sports

Sports for a range of additional needs

Pan-disability sports

Mainstream sports

Sports with a range of adaptations

Mainstream sports with adjustments

About pan-disability sports

Playing together with people of different types of additional needs is called pan-disability sport.


Age restrictions to join each sport vary so please check first.


Cricket is a sport that is truly for all.

Somerset Cricket Foundation offer accessible cricket in through a variety of offers; Table Cricket and SEN specific sessions, Community Hubs, Walking Cricket (slower paced), and performance cricket with visually impaired and Disability County teams.


Tennis is a sport where you are on a court with a net in between you and your opponent.

 You hit the ball over the net using a tennis racket. Visit Somerset Lawn Tennis for more information about walking tennis and learning disability tennis sessions locally.


Swimming can be something you do for leisure and relaxation.

Have a look at our Swimming Pools page to find out the accessibility of local pools.  But also from school-based competitions right up to the Paralympic Games, there is a wide range of para-swimming competitions available for competitive swimmers with disabilities.  You can swim alongside athletes with similar impairments.  Find out more at Swim England South West or follow Taunton Deane Swimming Club locally.

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