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Looking for employment

The prospect of looking for employment can be incredibly daunting for anyone. But it’s especially hard if you’ve never had a job before.

A video on the benefits of work has been put together by the Unstoppables for you to watch.

The employability guide helps you to

  • understand different types of work
  • create a CV
  • apply for jobs
  • learn how to successfully pass a job interview

Somerset EBP have a parent alert which is free to subscribe to receive information on new opportunities for Somerset based career choice and development opportunities.

Somerset EBP’s Imagine the Possibilities has many resources including Skills Maps to help you discover more about different job roles and industries. This includes the varying tasks, skills and qualifications required.

There are lots of choices you can make to find out about different jobs, and schemes to help you into the world of work. This section of the website tells you more about things like apprenticeships, supported internships or self-employment and who can help and support you.  The National Careers Service also provides information, advice and guidance to help with decisions on learning, training and work. If you are thinking about an apprenticeship and would like some help and advice, you can speak to an adviser using their webchat service.

You can also do a part time job. This is not so many hours as a full-time job, and you may get days off within the week that you can use for extra learning or volunteering.

Lots of organisations are geared up to help you get the right job or training placement to suit your abilities, interests and needs. You can find out more about what to think about when choosing your employer.

The GOV.UK website can be useful with guidance and advice about getting a job and the types of schemes available to help you. You can use their Find a job service to search and apply for jobs. The educational providers – colleges or independent training providers – will also advertise supported internship opportunities on their website.

The Access to Work fund can help with practical support to help you start or stay in work if you have a disability or health condition including mental health. There are also different people who can help with support for work, including Job Coaches. Your Job Coach may apply for the Work and Health Programme. This can help you find and keep a job if you’re out of work and disabled or a care leaver, by matching your skills to work that’s available and support to manage health problems that impact on work.

It is important to think about how you will get to your workplace, and maybe travel around within your job. Even though you will earn money working, it can also create extra costs for you but there is support through Access to Work. There are certain types of work that you may do whilst claiming health or disability related benefits.

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