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Sensory processing

Supporting children and young people with sensory processing differences


The therapist will see the child and their parents for a problem-solving session to tweak the sensory plan and give further personalised strategies. The appointment will be held in a clinic for around an hour. There will be toys for your child to play with whilst you talk, and the therapist may try some different activities with your child to find out how they respond. Sensory equipment might be tried but formal assessment is not completed. At the end of the session your child’s plan will be amended so you know how to support them moving forwards.

If the child or young person’s difficulties are not deemed to be due to sensory processing but they are showing other difficulties with daily functioning which would be helped by Occupational therapy then the therapist will refer you for further assessment.

Last reviewed: December 5, 2023 by Sophie

Next review due: June 5, 2024

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