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Sensory processing

Supporting children and young people with sensory processing differences


The Occupational Therapist will phone you at the agreed time to have a 30-45 minute conversation. They will

  • want to understand the difficulties you are focussing on
  • what the triggers may be
  • ask you about your child’s daily activities and routines

Discussions will help you make a plan for what activities and equipment to try. The Occupational Therapist will record this in a sensory plan for you. A copy of this plan will be emailed to you and you can share this with the school. During the phone call the Occupational Therapist may also signpost to other services.

It takes time for change to happen and while some strategies might have an immediate impact on your child’s abilities to take part in activities, others might take longer. For many families, the suggested strategies are enough to be able to support their child without direct intervention from an occupational therapist.

If the agreed strategies have been actively used in your plan for 8 weeks and there have not been improvements, you may request a follow-up clinic appointment. You will need to share the strategies you have tried and comments on how they worked for your child.

Last reviewed: January 16, 2024 by Helly

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