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The eight senses - guidance for professionals in Somerset


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Sensory Processing Handbook

The eight senses - guidance for practitioners in Somerset



Information on the nature of sensory processing differences and the impact they can have on children and young people's lives

Somerset SEND CharterWhat is sensory processing?Sensory processing differences or difficultiesInteroception – the eighth senseChecklists and assessments

The sensory system

Safe interventions for both children and young people, and groups


School approaches

Recommendations for creating appropriate learning environments for pupils with sensory processing differences

Whole school approachClassroom strategiesWhat to do if you are concerned a pupil is experiencing sensory processing difficultiesReferring to occupational therapy


Somerset Council and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, recognise the impact that sensory processing difficulties can have upon participation in daily activities. Together, through multi-professional and multi-agency intervention, we are committed to supporting education settings, children, young people and their families. 

This guidance provides up-to-date information on the nature of sensory processing differences and difficulties, and the impact they can have on the lives of children and young people. It provides information on a number of safe interventions for individual children and young people, and groups. There are also recommendations about the creation of appropriate learning environments for those experiencing these difficulties. This handbook provides helpful ideas and strategies that can be incorporated into a child or young person’s sensory plan if needed.

This handbook, which has been written primarily for professionals supporting school-aged children and young people is a collaboration between the following:


Parent carers can find out more about the support available at strategies to use at home on our sensory processing pathway.

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