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Sensory Processing Handbook

The eight senses - guidance for practitioners in Somerset

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Part of
Sensory Processing Handbook

The eight senses - guidance for practitioners in Somerset



Information on the nature of sensory processing differences and the impact they can have on children and young people's lives

Somerset SEND CharterWhat is sensory processing?Sensory processing differences or difficultiesInteroception – the eighth senseChecklists and assessments

The sensory system

Safe interventions for both children and young people, and groups


School approaches

Recommendations for creating appropriate learning environments for pupils with sensory processing differences

Whole school approachClassroom strategiesWhat to do if you are concerned a pupil is experiencing sensory processing difficultiesReferring to occupational therapy

How we work together to deliver SEND inclusion

All SEND practitioners become leaders of SEND, working together to ensure that we consider and involve children and young people with SEND and their families in everything that we do and deliver excellent child and family centred provision across Somerset

The SEND Charter is not about creating new structures or services, but establishing a cohesive, collaborative SEND provision delivered jointly by all partners.  We will commit to providing high quality SEND provision by:

  • Ensuring our services and staff are accessible and approachable, supporting the use of universal language wherever possible
  • Working collaboratively in an open, honest and transparent way
  • Nurturing and encouraging positive, flexible and solution focused attitudes
  • Working and thinking creatively in a structured and organised way

Our principles

Our approach to providing excellent SEND provision is based on a set of shared principles:

  • First and foremost, ensuring that provision is child and family centred and that they are at the heart of everything we do and involved in processes
  • Help will be provided early and effectively reducing the need for statutory or specialist intervention, empowering families to promote their independence
  • All practitioners will be treated respectfully and professionally by one another in a blame-free, supportive environment offering positive challenge where appropriate
  • Communication will be clear and open, ensuring information is shared effectively, helpful signposting is in place and clarity given over roles and responsibilities

Our impact

  • The child’s voice is heard and acted upon
  • Stronger and more efficient partnerships
  • Coherent service that meets the needs of families
  • Clear and meaningful planning and guidance
  • Consistent use and understanding of language
  • Better experiences and increased confidence in services
  • Holistic approach to achieve outcomes quickly
  • Improved engagement with children and families
  • Empowered families with increased resilience

Children and young people with SEND have the same rights and choices as all other children in Somerset.

Last reviewed: November 29, 2023 by Helly

Next review due: May 29, 2024

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