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Part of
Local Offer Accessibility Strategy

Somerset’s approach in ensuring accessibility for all

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Part of
Local Offer Accessibility Strategy

Somerset’s approach in ensuring accessibility for all


Getting to Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Helping people to get here, removing barriers to viewing the Local Offer website.

Digital inclusionHuman support for finding the Local Offer

Navigating Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Helping people work their way around the Local Offer, removing barriers to navigating the Local Offer website and the wider SEND system.

Website accessibilityAccessibility and human support for navigating SEND services

Understanding Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Understanding Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Web content auditsHuman support for understanding SEND services

Using services within Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Increasing confidence in our SEND services, in particular removing barriers to using universal services and empowering families to promote their independence.

Using services within Somerset’s SEND Local Offer

Improving accessibility of Somerset's SEND Local Offer

Feeding back to help us improve

Improving accessibility of Somerset’s SEND Local Offer

SEND Local Offer accessibility

To ensure Somerset’s SEND Local Offer is accessible to all, we need to focus on helping people to understand the information we are sharing with them. We are committed to ensuring our services and staff are accessible and approachable, working collaboratively in an open, honest and transparent way.

Ofsted identified in March 2020 that we have a ‘range of comprehensive and useful information for parents and professionals’ on our Local Offer website. We use both a website tool that checks readability age, and also the Somerset Parent Carer Forum complete audits of all the information pages twice yearly to ensure this. Readability is monitored with the aim of a reading age of 9 years old. Plain English checks are also made with the aim of between 20 and 25 words per sentence. A member of our Digital Team is trained in Plain English and trains others.

As we moved to a new website platform in July 2022 we have developed page templates and style guides to ensure consistency in accessible style including;

  • pyramid to stack key messages upfront
  • improved use of headings to break the text up
  • greater use of keep-it-simple bullets
  • improved use of accordions to hide text that may not be relevant to all

Last reviewed: November 30, 2023 by Helly

Next review due: May 30, 2024

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