Your health and well-being are incredibly important, and the impacts of climate change can have a profound effect on it. Either impact on health due to lack of active travel infrastructure or poor air quality or mental well-being due to climate anxiety.

Public health

Since 2013 local authorities have been responsible for public health from the NHS. Our objectives are to focus on reducing health inequalities and increasing life expectancy across Somerset.

General information from public health.

Read our report on the health impacts of climate change.

Local cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs)

Somerset has been developing a series of LCWIPs so areas across the county. These are focused 10-year plans for developing a cycling and walking network within a local area.

For more information head over to our transport page.

Air Quality

The air quality across Somerset is generally good but as expected in our larger towns more traffic leads to higher levels of some pollutants which can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Our Somerset Air Quality website has more information on what we can all do to help Somerset improve its air quality.

Modeshift Stars

Somerset County Council and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) have teamed up with Modeshift STARS to give all schools the opportunity to be recognised for supporting Sustainable and Active Travel by developing a School Travel Plan through the Modeshift STARS Education Accreditation Programme.

What is Modeshift STARS?

  • Modeshift STARS is the national accreditation scheme supported by the Department for Transport. It allows schools to achieve Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum STAR awards for promoting sustainable and active travel.
  • Since launching in 2008, Modeshift STARS have seen over 1,400 schools in England achieve accreditation.

For more information head over to Modeshift STARS – Travel Plan in Education, Business & Communities.

Climate Anxiety

Climate anxiety is a term that is coming up more and more often. It is a general term that refers to someone’s anxiety over the climate and ecological crisis and its impact on our planet.

With the topic increasingly turning toward the climate and ecological crisis and the effect this is having, more and more people are experiencing climate anxiety as we learn more about what is happening.

However, there are ways to deal with this

  • Keep active: Staying physically active helps improve mood and is good for you physically as well as mentally
  • Get involved: There are several ways to get involved with different activities. Check out organisations like Somerset Wildlife Trust or others across Somerset. Head over to our How to get involved pages and volunteer as a climate champion or subscribe to our newsletter
  • Make small changes. Our ten tips on what you can do have some small changes you can make. Even the little things make a big difference!

For more information on health and wellbeing check out our Somerset Health & Wellbeing website.

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